Waste containers and the smart system

A smart solution based on cloud services that enables precise location and monitoring of the location and removal of garbage containers. The system includes smart devices and a tracking platform that combines a variety of location technologies and communication networks to provide reliable coverage while maintaining long battery life and low cost.

The system allows:

  • Efficient management of the container fleet.
  • Prevention containers theft.
  • An autonomous device with a variety of sensing and transmission technologies.
  • Virtual fencing of geographical areas.Location-based smart alerts.
  • Automatic monitoring of the use and emptying of garbage containers.

The advantages of the system:

  • Easy and quick installation.
  • HoopoSense is a device that is resistant to particularly harsh working environment conditions.
  • Smart algorithms for sending location operate according to the behavior of the container.
  • Battery that lasts for years.
  • Managing the container fleet in an effective and smart manner

Digital portal

HOPO’s digital portal simply presents location – based insights that enable efficient management of the waste disposal system.

  • An intuitive user interface accessible from a laptop or mobile.Full visibility of the garbage container fleet on one map.
  • Map of locations table / length of stay in different locations / /emptying operations.
  • Information analysis and report generation.