Camera control
Camera system for garbage trucks
Our company provides a camera system installed on top of all vehicles including compressor trucks or crane trucks.
The purpose of the cameras is to document the vehicle environment, mainly on both sides of the vehicle and behind it. The photo is taken in real time and transmitted to a command and control system. The filmed material can be recorded and viewed in real time. Each system has a SIM card with a DATA connection to the cellular network through which all the data is transmitted.
  • The system is equipped with internal shock absorbers and is durable in the extreme heat conditions in the country
  • The system has the ability to broadcast and record five video channels or audio at the same time.
  • Video recording option while the vehicle is off
  • Full control over image quality and recording
  • The most advanced audio / video compression
  • Video port for external screen connection
  • Free app for watching online video and car location
  • Relay input including emergency button
  • Internal hard disk support up to 2TB
  • USB input for backups or mouse connection
  • Built-in GPS
  • 3G / 4G cellular network support
  • Lightweight and easy to install system

About the command and control software:

  • Option for real-time viewing
  • Optimal bandwidth management
  • Screen division combining map and video channels
  • Free smartphone app
  • Management of vehicle fleets by cross-section by license plate number, driver name, line number and more
  • Management and users and permissions
  • View real-time vehicle location on Google Map
  • Taking photos
  • Two-way audio
  • Real-time alerts by bouncing video screen and text screen in the following cases:
    – Exceeding set travel speed
    – Deviation from a defined route / area
    – Travel outside working hours
    – Dangerous driving
    – Accident
    – Vehicle malfunctions
    – Set up a remote system
    – Search and view video files by time, event, geographic location