Smart Carts
Continuous real- time GPS monitoring of all sweep carts in the city and alerting all abnormal activity.


  • Exiting from sector boundaries
  • Standing in place for an extended period of timeExceeding the time procedure
  • Non-compliance with the set distance
  • 24/7 current reports on the sweep carts’ activity
  • A single night battery recharging is enough for two months activity
  • Resistance to vandalism and theft
  • Resistance to vandalism and theft
  • Simple and easy installation – the benefits of the system
  • An improvement in supervising and managing of the cleaning contractors.
  • Streamlining of the cleaning array on the city streets.
  • Verification of execution of the terms of the cleaning tender
  • Turning the city into a smart city
  • Control and supervision from anywhere.

A significant money saving for the authority!