Waste disposal with sensors system

Our company has the exclusive franchise in Israel for marketing the products of the Irish company SMARTBIN

An advanced system that optimizes the operating array and significantly saves on the frequency of waste disposal.

The system monitors the holding vessel and warns when the volume of waste reaches 75% of capacity (can be changed).

An easy-to-use system that saves the authority unnecessary disposals.

Prominent system features

  • Access from any computer with internet
  • The system does not require hardware to be installed on the evacuation trucks
  • Smart and simple to operate system
  • Trip planning – optimization options for any available array with resource savings by:
    – Estimation of costs for the available route
    – Disposal of full bins only
    – Future planning for the evacuation system according to the behavior of the detention tool
  • Different options for integration with different ERP systems using API
  • Suitable for a variety of types of waste: mixed, glass, excess oil, textiles, plastics and more
  • Suitable for a variety of retaining tools from different manufacturers such as metal and plastic
  • The sensor calibration (if necessary) is done remotely
  • Extremely high reliability thanks to advanced technology
  • Kosher certificate – the sensor does not broadcast on Shabbat

System products

  • Reporting the percentage of waste filling in the holding vessel
  • Location of the holding tool
  • Optimization of travel routes
  • Allocations to routes
  • SMS or Email alerts about emptying / not emptying full bins
  • Array management capability from anywhere, access to the management system is possible from any computer with internet
  • Production of a very wide range of reports for control and supervision
  • Online guidance of the garbage disposal driver